Our Indomie President

I woke up this morning and the sight that met my eyes lit up a rage so intense,my nostrils exhumed imaginary hot air, the kind that bulls in Spain exude when they see a red flag. King Abdallahof Jordan had taken the war to Isis, a terrorist group that came into existence years after our resident jihadist  buried their roots deeply in our nations soil, be it true or not the King leads the army against Isis, the action alone to fight this insurgents is an act of true leadership, a selfless love for the people. It took only the death of one man from his country to make this leader sound his battle cry.  Yet our own president whom lets give the benefit of the doubt has no formal military training of any sort, has allowed hundreds to continuously die, has allowed innocents to languish at the hands of our master bombers, young chibok girls that have barely finished suckling from the breasts of their mothers have been unceremoniously snatched away. Hundreds of Nigerians,sons and daughters of the soil, have had their blood spilled on that same soil that promised to be their sanctuary. A true leader is one who would pick up his gauntlet whenever he is challenged and face it head on protecting those under him. The jordanian king is not a super human, neither does he have two heads, he is a man who bound by his kingly rights is not supposed to do any dirty work, yet he shrugged his robes, put on combat gear and went for the kill, not caring if there are sambisa’s with tree’s thicker than mountains in front of him to slow his pace. What is it that makes this man one among many to have made this bold move to wipe away any oppression to his people or country?I asked myself this question, and then It came to me with a loud resounding BANG! Balls of steel, the man had re-enforced steel balls while our powers that be still let the remnant of what could be described as indomie balls,to dictate their actions.When history relates the jordanians kings applaudable feat, ours would comment on how the president danced away at rallies while bombs went off in Borno, he disposed of his gauntlet a longtime ago,back in otueke where he also left his shoes, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pick it up again and make the remaining days in office beneficial in some way,instead of lambasting ears with sweet nothings.I for one know the day Nigeria becomes whole again, is the day we have a man in the presidential chair that is willing to shrug his democratic kingly robes and charge into sambisa forest leading hundreds if need be. Until  then  WE ARE ON OUR OWN. Read my lips slowly on-our-own.